Inside out the box…2010

This piece seems to be the culmination of all the inspiration, loss, heartbreak, joy, and growth that ive experienced in my life over the past year. I’ve been going through a very interesting transition as an artist/graffiti writer in general. Ive been really letting go of the chains and constraints of traditional painting methods. I basically approached it with nothing in mind and no sketch. I started putting colours on the wall and based the piece off of compostion of colour and shape, and what would look good next to the last shape/form rendered. While building the flow and foundation of the piece with solid graffiti styles. Again not bounding myself to any one colour scheme or letter style. Painting this in my studio space gave me a chance to get out of the cold and actually put a lot of thought into the wall. I love the spotaneity of painting public spots where youre subject to your enviroment. But painting in complete isolation really brought something new out in my work. I used spray paint and some latex for the piece and laid out the largest triangles with tape. Something I would normally not do, but biegn in the studio I felt it was a smart tool to take advantage of. Over all im really happy with the way it came out. I feel its refreshing and original, which is a hard goal to achieve in this over satuarated world these days. Ive thrown in some process shots to explain in further detail how I got to the final product.


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One Response to Inside out the box…2010

  1. OPEK says:

    This is really fresh, E! I was happy to see the detail shots after noticing the n-layering in the first couple flicks. Creativity-wise you’re pushing great boundaries lately. Stay up!

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